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does not store user data, except, like many other sites, through cookies. Here's how we use them:

How we use cookies

1What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to your browser, which is stored on your computer. When you next visit the site, or go to a different page, then the 'cookie' is sent back to the web site's server, where it may be read. Often a cookie will keep information about things like preferences you have previously chosen, or pages you may have visited. The cookies don't harm you or your computer, and you'll find most websites using them in one way or another, quite harmlessly.

2Where can I find out more?

You might like to read this page on the BBC website, What are cookies?. It's well written and explains how cookies can sometimes be perceived as an invasion of one's privacy.

3How are cookies used on this site?

Like most websites, site does put cookies on your computer, both from us and from third parties. uses so called 'session' cookies, which help us to keep track of information you may have entered on one page, which needs to be made available on another page. Once you navigate away from the site, these session cookies are destroyed. Session cookies are necessary for this site to function properly.

Google will also place cookies on your browser, both for the analytics service we use and for Google Ads.

4Google Analytics cookies

We use Google's free Analytics service to understand how many visitors the site gets, what countries and regions those visitors come from, how long they stay on the site, and so on. Google Analytics uses cookies which it stores on your computer when you visit The information this generates is anonymous. We cannot use Google's analytics data to identify you - it only produces reports at an aggregate level which are anonymised. Google's privacy policy is available here, if you wish to know more.

5Google Ads cookies

This site uses Google Ads to provide adverts, and the revenue from these ads helps fund the site and allows the information to remain free. Again, Google may use anonymous, aggregated information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide relevant adverts for goods and services. If you would like to know more, see

6Your consent

By European law, we need to ask your consent to use cookies. This site is very new, and on our list of things to do is to create a way for to ask for your consent directly (through some sort of active clicking). As of right now, we haven't implemented that functionality, although we'll do so as soon as we can. So in the meantime, we'd like to assume that you are happy to visit and to accept cookies from us. But if not, you can turn them off easily - see the next section.

7Turning cookies off

If you don't consent to us using cookies, you can block them. Here's how:

1Close this website and use your browser tools to delete any downloaded cookies and reject any further cookies from us. In Internet Explorer, it's usually under 'tools' then 'delete browsing history' and 'options'. In Firefox it's usually under 'tools' then 'clear recent history' and 'options'. You can find further advice on how to delete cookies at

2For advice on how to block cookies from advertisers, you might like to read


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