is designed to help you...

Quickly find the best films to watch on UK TV

1Compare the ratings

Nearly all the films are rated, using Rotten Tomatoes critics and audience ratings, so you can quickly scan down the list to find good films.

2Watch a trailer or two

We provide trailers to watch for the majority of films, so you can get a quick taster of what the film will be like.

Be careful - there are a lot of downright pants films out there. And as there are enough good ones to watch, you might as well watch them instead. (That's top advice. Thanks Bob!)

3Choose your channels

OK - you can't. Not yet anyway. Soon we hope you'll be able to customise the listings to show only films appearing on the channels you have access to. We hope to allow filtering on other things like genres too. You see, it all depends if we can manage to get our heads round this dastardly geeky ghetto that we've put ourselves in.

Save some money, possibly

1Rely on free channels

There are quite a few good films on free channels, and over time you can build up your library. So you can ditch your subscription if you want. Saving some pennies can't be a bad thing.

Whatever this thing is about, we hope you get something useful from it and enjoy some top movies!


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